Monday, April 27, 2015

Organizing your home for free or cheap!

We all have clutter.  We all have mess.  Some families have more than others.  I am all for organization, especially when it comes free or cheap.

Any search on Yahoo, Google or Pinterest will show you hundreds of ways to organize your home.  But many of those ways require you to buy items that are expensive, or make something out of wood (which requires you to be handy!) to get that perfect look.

The Teacher's Wife shares 13 Simple DIY Home Organization Hacks to help you get your home organized.  My favorite is the ziploc bags for all of those pesky cords we own...cell phones, Kindles, LeapPads, iPods, tablets, cameras, etc.

sheknows gives you 15 Ridiculously simple life hacks to organize your home.  A couple of them are similar to ones on The Teacher's Wife, but I love the CD rack for organizing your tupperware lids!

The Mom Writes lists 30 ways to organize your home.  Some very good ideas, but there are no pictures included if you need a visual.

Another good site to visit is DIY Cozy Home.  They share 33 Genius DIY Organization Hacks.  Some of them look like they could be costly, so be prepared to either come up with your own version, or spend the money to purchase the items.

A word of advice, we all need to de-clutter before and while we are organizing our home also!

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