Monday, April 27, 2015

Learning with Educational Websites and Apps

I'm sure you have witnessed this scenario:  A child of any age, sitting with a tablet or smartphone while in a waiting room, or at home on the couch, or driving in the car.  They are completely engrossed in the technology.  The sounds are enticing them to turn it louder.  The action on the screen takes their complete attention.  They are in a trance like state, noticing no one or anything else around them.

Sound familiar?  I'm sure it does.  Kids love technology!  They love to play on tablets, Kindles, iPads, computers or smartphones.  They ignore parents calls to turn it off or turn the sound down because they are focused on the technology.

Why not put this love of technology to good use?  There are lots of educational apps and websites that are engaging and fun, and sometimes, they might not even realize they are learning.  Below, you can find names of apps and websites, along with links to them.

1.  24 Literacy Learning Apps for Kids

2.  Sensational Spelling Apps for Kids

3.  Educational Math Apps

4.  60 Apps to teach STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

5.  Reading Remedies (for iPhone only)

6.  List of Free Apps for Education (from slideshare)

Free apps list

Nothing can replace a teacher or parent teaching the material to their children.  But we can embrace technology to help us.  Kids respond to technology.  They love technology.  Let's put it to good use with educational apps and websites, instead of with mind-numbing games.

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