Monday, April 27, 2015

Dinner made easy!

We are all looking for ease when it comes to cooking.  After working all day- in or out of the home- who wants to spend hours slaving over the stove to cook a meal.  I, for one, don't!

I love easy, homemade meals to feed to my semi-picky family of five.  I don't like to use boxed or frozen items very often.  I like to make everything from scratch...and that takes time.

I have really begun tailoring my meals to include easy, and homemade, meals to cook during the week.  Check out my board on Pinterest called "{Recipes} I Love from Pinterest".  These are all simple and delicious recipes that I have tried personally and enjoyed.

The invention of the crock pot is a time-saver to all parents, but you have to plan ahead a little bit.  Planning ahead consists of making sure you have all the ingredients for the crock pot meal (just like any other meal) and preparing it either the night before or that morning before you start your day.  I personally do not like to leave my crock pot on during the day while I am gone, so I cook mine overnight while we are sleeping.  It is nice to put it in before bed and wake up to the house smelling good, and then leave for the day knowing dinner is already completed or almost completed.  You can get some good crock pot recipes here.

Not sure about the crock pot recipes?  I have created many different boards for recipes.  Visit my Pinterest site and scroll down to all of the {Recipes} boards to find something you are looking for!

Happy cooking!

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