Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer break?


It is summer break!  A time that all students look forward to, parents are glad for a little break from the daily habits of school and teachers take a quick breath and begin planning for the next year.

I promised, oh say a month or more ago now, for an update about our parent book that we made for our Parent Appreciate Luncheon.  That post will come soon (before summer is over, I do promise that!).  Right now, I am being an extreme multi-tasker...walking on the treadmill with my nifty homemade laptop holder on it and writing this update. 

What is that you said?  You need a picture?

Well, I have a Cleveland Browns themed basement (remember, I LOVE Fantasy Football.  Oh, and real football of course!)  I have all of my sewing stuff set up in the background.  It has been severely neglected for weeks, until yesterday.  Of course, I can't exercise without little kiddos 'helping' me :)

Ok, you can stop laughing.  Maybe I'm motivating?  Exercising against all the odds, lol.

Since Preschool Graduation, right before Memorial Day, I have been taking college classes to receive my Grades 4-5 Endorsement.  I have completed my Mathematics course (which I got 100% in!  I know, bragging!)  Right now, I am taking a course about teaching Reading & Literacy to Grades 4 & 5, and a  course about teaching Science & Social Studies to Grade 4.  It is very, very time consuming, even though it is all online.  I have three more classes to take this summer still, and then I can teach up to Fifth Grade.  In the Fall, I will begin my Master's Program.  I am leaning towards getting my Master's in General Special Education.

So, after WEEKS of unending homework, I decided to take a break yesterday and finally do some sewing.  I needed some 'me' time to relax a little.

If you haven't checked out my Facebook page, go do it now and 'LIKE' the page.  It is called An Interesting Mix.  I will post a few pictures here of some of the new stuff I have been working on.

Freezer Pop / Yogurt Holders

Rag Tutu's

Rice Bags

Burp Cloths & Baby Bibs

Newborn Hats

So, it is back to school work tomorrow for me.  I have to write some lesson plans and read some 4th grade books :) 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer breaks so far.  I'm trying to balance all of it with spending lots of time with my kiddos also.  Needless to say, I haven't been getting a lot of sleep.  So, if you run in to me at the store, don't be offended if I look at you like I don't know you.  It will click soon.  My brain is working overtime right now :)

Enjoy this weather!  It is finally sunny and warm!


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