Friday, April 19, 2013

Keeping up...

So, keeping up on this blogging is definitely harder than I expected.  I have taken pictures in the classroom of our fun centers and activities that our student teachers have planned and I have planned but that is about as far as it gets.  It is so busy throughout the day, that I forget to upload them to the computer or even get them off of the camera.

I'm really going to try to get better at this!

First of all, THANK GOODNESS this weather is getting warmer!  Now, I have a good group of kiddos.  BUT we have been cooped up in the classroom and our own houses for way too long.  Everyone is getting ancy.  It is harder to sit still at circle time, harder to pay attention during work time, they want to run during play time and they are getting louder and louder each day :)  So, the weather is still up and down but it is getting warmer and it has allowed us to go outside at the end of a couple of days and play with chalk, which has been wonderful.  We tried taking the MWF Class out for a picnic last week...that isn't going to happen again for awhile :(  They were so wild during lunch!  We packed up a bit early and went inside and had silent reading.  Maybe we will try again in a couple of weeks, AFTER a long discussion about proper behavior outside for lunch.

Our wonderful student teachers are leaving us on May 3, which is also the day of our first Parent Appreciation Luncheon.  They have been such a huge asset to our room.  They have planned some great activities for the kiddos and have stuck with the curriculum.  I know you didn't see as much 'paper' work coming home at times, but they were still doing lots of learning. 

Right now, the kiddos have made a pizza shop, drawing off of their experience and learning from when we talked about pizza and had our field trip to Pizza Hut.  Each class chose a name for their pizza shop and decorated the sign as a class.  Each kiddo came up with their own type of pizza, a price for it and drew a picture of it.  We have cashiers, waiters, customers, chefs.  They are talking about money to pay for their pizza.  They are having a great time and doing a lot of learning, especially turn taking.  Some 'jobs' are more desired than others since this is a new activity.  We had some tears the first day because they were not using the cash register first.  Now, we are good to go!

The Parent Appreciate Luncheon is approaching quickly.  The kiddos have been making a special book all year to give to their parents.  I WILL post pictures of it after the luncheon.  I don't want any parents seeing it before then :)  Over the next two weeks leading up to the luncheon, they will be working on some more things for the luncheon.  We are planning some good food also.  It will be fun and a great way to say THANK YOU.  I am blessed every year with some really great parents who want to be involved and take the time to do so.  Everyone has worked hard this year in fundraising and doing their committee requirements.  It is a nice way for the kiddos to honor their parents for Mother's Day and Father's Day, but also have a little thank you from the school.

Well, I should really try to get back to sleep.  I have been up since 2:30am and it is now 4:07am.  I have a long day (and maybe emotional as I take one of my babies to kindergarten registration :( !) and weekend ahead of me.  My oldest 'baby' turns 14 tomorrow!  I can't believe where the time has gone!  We will be having parties all day and 12 big boys in my house with some spending the night.  Whew!  I already know I am going to be tired :)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


  1. On a side note,we enjoy doing things like this for our kids.Tiring yes, but if we them happy and enjoying its all worth it.

  2. Yes! We sure do. It is tiring but completely worth it :) Thanks Becca for visiting!

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