Tuesday, March 26, 2013

St. Patrick's Day, Easter & Spring Break

Ms. S was in charge of planning and leading class for the two weeks before Spring Break.  She had the fun topics of St. Patrick's Day and Easter.  Both classes used fruit loops to make rainbows, the MWF class worked on patterning shamrocks in an ABB pattern and the TTH class sorted shamrocks by size. 

Both classes also colored a picture of a leprechaun where they identified the number and colored it the correct color.  The MWF class worked on numbers up to 16 and the TTH class worked on numbers up to 9 for this color by number activities.

The leprechaun also visited our school on Thursday and Friday.  The sneaky little leprechaun left a VERY BIG mess in the classroom, but left a treat of necklaces and coins for the kiddos.  They were so surprised when they came in to see our classroom!

The week prior to Spring Break, we touched on Easter.  Each class made hidden message Easter Eggs.  They gave us a message to write on the egg in a white crayon and then they painted over the whole egg with watercolors, which made the message come through.

Ms. O also made a book with the MWF class called "The Easter Bunny Visit".  Each kiddo narrated what happens when the Easter Bunny comes to their house and drew a picture.  We bound them into a book to keep in the classroom.

Ms. S and Ms. O continued their music/science project with the kiddos of exploring sound with different types of materials...corn, rice, beans, fruit loops...and in different types of containers...plastic bottles and jars of different sizes and shapes.

We had quite a few kiddos out on Monday before Spring Break and ended up cancelling school for the kiddos due to staff illness (I couldn't have two subs in the room while I was in conferences).

This week we are on Spring Break.  I worked at the Easter Bunny Breakfast for Jessi's preschool on Saturday.  I cooked with a group of other people.  Let me tell you, I don't want to smell bacon for a long time.  We cooked 30 pounds of bacon, about 400 sausage links, 22 dozen eggs and 25 pounds of pancake mix!  They served a lot of people in an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.  Jessi and Jenni had a great time and Jenni even sat on the Easter Bunny's lap!!!!!  That is a huge step for her :)

I am relaxing some this week but my older two kiddos still have school until Wednesday so we still have things going on.  I plan on doing some sewing, taking the kiddos to Kraynak's, having a few play dates and getting ready for Easter.  We are even doing a little planning for summer activities :)

Have a blessed Easter!

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