Friday, January 25, 2013

Snowman, Centers and Student Teachers

I am so glad that Ms. O and Ms. S are back!  They returned to us on January 14 and are such a huge help in the classroom, especially during MWF center time!  They will begin planning activities or leading activities next week and I know will do a great job.

Speaking of centers, those have been going great!  I am so happy that this change has been so positive in the classroom.  The kiddos look forward to centers every day.  This week, because there were only two days of school, we focused on Numbers, Letters, Phonics and a Game Center.

In the Numbers Center, the kiddos had to identify numbers 1-10 and then place stickers in a row to match that number.  This was focusing on their number recognition, counting and one-to-one correspondence.  They all seemed to have a fun time doing this.  You can download this worksheet at my TPT store for FREE!

In the Phonics Center, we fished for letters out of a bucket.  The kiddos had to identify the letter and they say the sound.  They LOVED this game!

 In the Games Center, the kiddos played a board game that I made.  They rolled the dice, counted that many spots, identified the letter and letter sound on their spot.  The game pieces are super is their faces!  I tried putting them on clips to stand up, but it didn't work so well so they just used their circle cutouts of their faces as their pieces.  No confusion on what piece belongs to who!  You can download this game on my TPT store for FREE!

This week we also talked about snowmen.  The MWF class talked about what they would do if they lived in a snow globe and drew pictures of themselves in snow globes.  They also made snowmen while practicing to spell their last names.  They made them either girl or boy snowmen.  These were both super cute!

He would build a fire to keep warm and cook marshmallows because there would be no food :)

She would build an igloo with her hamster, Cupcake :)

The TTH class only ended up with one day of school this week since we cancelled due to the wind chill.  They made torn paper snowmen where they had to fill in the snowman outline with little pieces of torn white paper.  They loved it.  They were so funny because they didn't want to stop gluing the pieces of paper on.  The chose what color scarf they wanted to add and finally added a nose and eyes.

It was a great shortened week in the classroom, but it will be good to get back to a normal schedule next week.  Ms. O is taking over TTH class Circle Time and has planned an activity for MWF Centers, while Ms. S has planned an activity for MWF Rotation and will be running MWF music.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I'm going to use the number identification activity with our co-op preschool. Appreciate you sharing for free. :)