Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tis the Season - Part 1

I love the Christmas season, both religious and secular.  I love the Christmas songs at church, helping the children prepare for their Christmas program, the lighting of the Advent candles, teaching my kiddos to always drop some coins in the red kettles when we pass them, and the true reason behind Christmas- love, hope, faith, joy, peace.

I love the traditions of Christmas.  Spending time with each side of our families, eating wonderful food, laughing, sharing and enjoying each others company.  I love taking my kiddos to Kraynak's and Daffin's in Sharon, PA, where my parents have taken me since I was very little.  I absolutely love setting up our Christmas trees, decorating the outside of our house in lights, setting up the nativity set and telling the kiddos who each person is, making sugar cookies and decorating them with way too much icing and too many sprinkles.

I also love Christmas for other reasons.  I LOVE to begin my Christmas shopping on Black Friday.  I LOVE getting up early, spending the whole day with my best friends and having fun that day as we try to score some deals!  I love figuring out what I want to buy or make for others, gearing up for Santa and of course, having fun each night with our elf, Susie.

I love Christmas all around.  It is the most wonderful time of the year, as the song says.

The rest of my post though is going to have pictures about our elf, Susie.  I have to tell you that I am a 'newbie' to the elf idea.  She came to us last year after we visited Kraynak's.  (I could not justify spending $30 for an elf on the shelf, but she was only $10 and a GIRL!)  Last year, she mainly moved around the house, causing a little trouble here and there.

As the Christmas season passed, and I become addicted to Pinterest, I began seeing all of these super cute things that other peoples' elves did.  My kiddos, especially my little girls, would go nuts over this.  So, in November, I wrote down a list of things I wanted her to do each night.  She has been pretty good at keeping with this list, unless she is super tired :)

Day 1 - making her announcement...Susie is back!

Day 2 - Susie made new friends.  They are reading together.

Day 3 - Cruisin' with Barbie

Day 4 - Syrup is a major food group of elves I hear.

Day 5 - Repelling off the kitchen cabinets

Day 6 - Coloring under the Christmas tree

Day 7 - Hanging upside down off the light over our kitchen table

Day 8 - Gone fishin'
Day 9 - Susie hung the girls undies and son's socks on a line.  She is hiding on the piano with the snowmen!

Day 11 - Painting her nails (I forgot to take a picture of Day 10 when she was tangled up in paper chains)

Day 12 - Hanging out on the window ledge (Susie was tired!)

Day 13 - Susie is being held captive!

So, as you can tell, we are having a great time.  My other 'ELF-y' friends and I have a Facebook Group called The ELFery.  If you want to join, just click on the link and request to be added.  It is as easy as that, and you can add your friends too once you are a member.

Enjoy the Christmas season, in all ways.  Enjoy being with your family and friends, eating, laughing, making traditions, watching your little ones as they love Christmas.  It is a glorious time!

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