Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stop, Drop & Roll

Last week was fire safety week at school.  Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Sandy making it so windy here in Ohio, the TTH class was cancelled on Tuesday, so they did not get to discuss fire safety prior to the fire station field trip.

Monday, Ms. N talked to the kiddos about what to do if there was a fire in their house.  She taught them house to crawl under the smoke to the door and get out of the house.  She also talked with them about what to do if their clothes caught on fire.  We practiced "Stop, Drop & Roll" in the afternoon.

Wednesday, Ms. K made a fire truck craft with the kiddos.  Ms. K had the circles traced on black paper (with a white crayon) for the wheels and a circle on the yellow paper for the hose.  Ms. K had white strips cut out for them to piece together a ladder, and a black rectangle for the window.  The kiddos cut out the circles and then glued everything together.

The field trip to the Rootstown Fire Station on Thursday and Friday was a huge success, as usual.  The kiddos love going and seeing all of the fire trucks, sitting up in them and trying on Firefighter Gabe's hat and coat.

Congratulations to Firefighter Gabe for being promoted to Lieutenant!  He does a great job with the kiddos during the field trips.

We talked about the letter R with the MWF class, and worked in our phonics books.  We had lots of robots and rainbows :)

We will reschedule the letter R for the TTH class sometime in March so we can keep everyone on the same schedule for letters until then.  We will talk a little about fire safety with them this week also.

Have a good week!

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  1. This is very nice... not only for kids but for all of us. Who knows one of us might be burn up with fire accidentally. Just stop, drop, and roll!