Monday, November 12, 2012

Gobble, Gobble

This week we began talking about Thanksgiving.  We made turkey crafts with each of the classes.  The MWF class had to cut five circles of different sizes and then layer them big to small.  They added a head, eyes, beak and gobbler to complete their turkey.  I am really proud of them because it was a lot of cutting and no one complained and they did a pretty good job!

The TTH class had a pre-cut turkey body and added their choice of feathers, legs, eyes and a beak.  They all followed directions really well.

Earlier in the week, Ms. N had the TTH class explore boxes.  She had them wrapped up in newspaper.  Some boxes looked the same but had different weights.  She tried working with the kiddos on how to group the boxes by weight, size, shape.  Some of them were able to grasp the concept of the 'unseen' weights, while others were not.  It was a good experience for the kiddos and her to see how they would respond.

Ms. K and Ms. N also worked with the MWF class on building a city.  They left this project completely open ended for the kiddos to decide what and how to do it.  They told them that they would be in the circle time area building a city and that whoever wanted to help could come over and bring whatever they thought would make a great city.  They worked with the kiddos on making signs for their city.  The kiddos had a great time!

Our turkey door is complete!  Thank you for helping your child decorate their turkey feather and sending them back in.  We have one unique turkey!

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