Friday, November 16, 2012


The countdown is on...for Christmas :)  I know we haven't gotten past Thanksgiving yet, but we are all getting excited in the classroom for Christmas that we even listened to Christmas music during playtime.  Sorry parents!

This week has flown by.  This was Ms. N's last week of full student teaching.  She encouraged the kiddos to make a city in the circle time area as they wanted to.  Some participated and others did not.

Monday and Tuesday we made crafts for the Thanksgiving Feast.  I bought these on Oriental Trading and the kiddos each told us things they were thankful for.  We wrote those down and then they assembled the craft.  The MWF class made turkeys and the TTH class made wreaths.

Ms. N made play dough for the TTH class to use.  They had so much fun cutting worms, pushing it around with tractors and making things out of it.  The MWF class was able to use it on Friday also.

We talked about the letter V this week.  The kiddos in the MWF class drew pictures in their phonics book on Friday.

Ms. N has also been talking to the TTH class mainly about how to play together and how to handle it if they are mad about something - like a friend taking a toy or playing with one they want.  She has been reading books to them and talking about how they need to use their words to express what they want or why they are upset.  She made glitter bottles that they can use if they are frustrated to shake and then watch the glitter settle.  These worked really well with the class, allowing them time to settle down and think about what they wanted to say.  She talked to the MWF class also, but they play together really well the majority of the time, so they were making up reasons to be mad at each other so they could use the glitter bottles :)

Ms. K worked with the kiddos on Friday with a phonics game.  They each got a letter or two and had to pick out the three pictures that started with the letter.

Ms. K and Ms. N also did a project with them about ramps.  They brought in different lengths of wood track and marbles and allowed the kiddos to play with them.  They were able to try different heights to start the ramps at, line them up and try to race marbles, and experiment however they wanted with them.  Next time they do the ramps, they are going to add different size marbles for them to experiment with.

Thanksgiving Feasts are next week so there will probably not be a preschool post.  Have a wonderful weekend and Thanksgiving!

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