Monday, November 5, 2012

Cooking Creations

Lately, I have been feeling very 'crafty'.  I have been making cute little treats for school snack days, birthday party favors and am on a new adventure of making tooth fairy pillows in all of my spare time (which is usually late at night when everyone is sleeping and I am not).  These are a lot of fun and I am going to sell them on Etsy, as soon as I get a small stock of them done.

I never wrote the post about the girls' birthday party, so I am just going to do it now, while I am sitting down at the computer, uninterrupted at the moment.

We had a farm birthday party this year for the girls.  Their birthdays fall two weeks apart and we usually hold two separate parties.  This year, we just did one big one.  I had big plans for this party, that I had been working on since June!  The party was held outside.  It was COLD!  Everyone dressed for the weather...gloves, winter coats, hats, cowboy/girl boots, overalls, flannel shirts :)  Luckily, we also rented a tent because we did get a quick sprinkle of rain.

Those of you who do not know, I live on a small farm next to my in-laws.  My father-in-law owns black Angus cows, my mother-in-law has pet goats (we sold off our Boer goat herd last year) and a pony, and we have many rabbits, chickens, and a duck.  We had all of the animals at the party.  My father-in-law put the cows in the pasture right behind the tent, we had a fenced in area for the goats, the rabbits were held non-stop, and my in-laws brought the pony over for pony cart rides.  She even dressed up her dog in a Halloween costume, which the kiddos thought was funny.  We also had a corn table, coloring pages and a farm themed scavenger hunt.

I made all of the food around the farm theme...chili, mac & cheese, hot dogs, chips.  With the help of my BFF Jaime, we covered oreos with white chocolate, shaved off the excess (this was our first experience with doing this at home), and then I "painted" on eyes, legs and a beak, with...wait for it...a candle.  I forgot the paint brush that I needed to use and was stuck not knowing what to use.  I came across a candle, with a perfect little tip like a paint brush.  Worked great but it was hard to use, lol. (The eyes, beak and legs are colored chocolate pieces I got at Walmart and had to melt).

I also made pig cupcakes.  As I was making these, I was reminded at how much I STRONGLY DISLIKE frosting cupcakes.  My wonderful mom baked all of the cupcakes for me earlier that day.  I dyed the frosting pink, used strawberry flavored marshmallows, which I cut in half, as the snout, two chocolate chips for the eyes and painted on the nose holes.

The final product of treats, on the treat table with the 'cow pasture stand' that I had my BFF make out of cardboard squares, cans of soup and scrapbook paper...

I also made all of their treat bags to resemble cows.  I used white bags and made black spots on them with a permanent marker.  I wrote all of their names on them in red so they could use them to put their stuff in when the treasure hunt was over.

For Jessi's birthday snack at school, I made 'mummy cupcakes' since it was near Halloween.  Mine didn't turn out quite as cute as what I saw on Pinterest, but the kiddos still liked them.

Finally, it is Jenni's birthday snack for school.  She officially starts preschool tomorrow and it is her snack day to celebrate her birthday.  We, well ME really, decided to make something around a Thanksgiving theme since her birthday is in November.  I didn't know what to do, so I turned to Pinterest and believe it or not, I couldn't find ANYTHING on there.

I decided to make turkey cupcakes but didn't have a clue where to begin.  I did see on Pinterest turkeys made with nutter butters (but I don't like those personally and not sure if kiddos do, so that couldn't be the whole snack).  I decided that nutter butters have a good shape, kind of like a turkey head.  I cut the bottom off of the nutter butter (about 1/4 inch) and used colored chocolate to make a beak and eyes.

Then I made chocolate cupcakes, let them cool and frosted them with chocolate icing (just store bought this time).  To cover up the cupcake wrapper, I cut a piece of card stock 8" long and 1.5" wide.  I wrapped it around the cupcake and taped it.

Now, I had the head and the body, but no feathers.  I kept thinking about what would be good to use as feathers and thought that regular shaped pretzels would work perfectly.  I used white melting chocolate and added a dab of food coloring to it to make it either red, orange, green or blue, and covered the pretzels.

Finally, it is time to put it together.  Stick the nutter butter turkey head in the icing near the front of the cupcake (make sure where you taped the brown card stock wrapper on is in the back) and add four pretzels- one of each color- behind it.

These were a lot of fun to create.  I'm just glad that it worked like I was hoping for.  They are not professional by any means, but they are fun and the kiddos will love them no matter what.

Post about last week in the classroom will be up tomorrow :)

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