Friday, October 12, 2012

Here comes Halloween!

This week, we began talking about Halloween.  The kiddos are super excited about this holiday and of course, only wanted to share what their costume was going to be for the big day.  But, we did talk about things they think of when it comes to Halloween.  Ms. K did an activity with the TTH class and had them tell her things which she wrote down on the big dry erase board.

Then during rotation, each of the kiddos picked something off of the list and painted a picture of it.

In the TTH class, we also made footprint ghosts.  Ms. K painted each of their little bitty feet white and then had them step on the piece of black paper.  When they were dry, we added googly eyes and cut them out.

The MWF class did Halloween stamping on the letter H, which was our letter of the week.  They got to use different shapes (leaves, pumpkins, witches, etc) and colors (green, purple, orange, brown) and decorate it anyway they wanted to.  They had a really good time with this!

The MWF class also worked on their Phonics Booklets.  We had some really good ideas this week.  I especially liked one little boys H word of "hug".

Ms. N was in charge of planning and leading the TTH class all week.  She did a great job.  She was able to keep everyone on task, handle issues when they arose, was super positive and stayed on schedule.  Ms. K planned activities for the TTH class also.  Next week, Ms. N will continue planning and leading the TTH class and Ms. K will be planning an activity for the MWF class each day.

Mrs. M and I have been VERY BLESSED in the spring 2012 and this fall 2012 to have such great student teachers.  I have been through the same program at Kent State University years ago and it is a hard thing to come into another teachers' room, learn their procedures/schedules/policies, and then try new things on your own in that same room with keeping with their routine.  I try to allow them to 'do their own thing' as long as they are covering the things that need to be done.  I strongly believe that you are not going to learn to be a teacher if you do not try things on your own.  They need to be hands on, get involved, try things out and make mistakes, ask how to improve and/or try to figure out what they need to do different.  I can tell them everything they SHOULD be doing, but it might not work for them.  They need to figure that out for themselves.

In my personal life, I have been super busy with my kiddos.  Jacob, my 13 year old, will have his last middle school soccer game this week.  No more games, no more after school practice.  That will cut down on a lot of running for me, but we will both miss soccer.  (I love watching his games!)  I have also been the head mom for the soccer team and have been preparing meals before each of their games.  Let me tell you, it takes A LOT of food to feed 15 middle school boys, lol!  He will keep me busy though with Boy Scouts and his extra Den Chief responsibilities for Cub Scouts.  Jessi, my (almost) 5 year old, has a few soccer games left and then we will just have mini hip hop dance class for her to do.  Jenni, is getting super excited to be at school all of the time.  She is coming for tumble time and LOVES it!  I am in the final stages of preparing for their birthday party also.  I will post a separate post about that and all of my decorations and food (of course, some pinterest inspired).  Jessi does have snack for her soccer game this week and I did make these adorable mummy candy bars.

I am taking advantage of the three day weekend and doing LOTS of work around the house that needs caught up on and getting stuff done before the girls' birthday party.  Have a wonderful weekend!  It is supposed to be halfway decent :)

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