Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy bats

Well, my post is late.  I was super busy this weekend with my girls' birthday party and my nephews' birthday party so I didn't have any time to update.

Last week was not a normal week in the classroom.  I had laryngitis all week, took Wednesday off to go to my daughter Jessi's preschool to spend the day with her on her birthday, then we had Picture Day on Thursday and Friday.

Ms. N was in charge of the TTH class again.  She had the kiddos work on a family book on Tuesday.  They brought pictures in from home and then decorated their page with their pictures on it.  They narrated a story about their family- memories, fun stuff, vacations, etc- to Ms. N and she wrote it down to add to their page.  She is going to be finishing up the rest of the class this week.

Ms. K made handprint bats with the MWF class.  She traced their hands and cut them out, while the kiddos cut out the head of the bat.  They glued the hands to the back of the head, added googly eyes and facial features.  Most just added a mouth but some added a nose or eye lashes.

We worked on learning the color white.  We used a white crayon and the kiddos got to draw whatever they wanted.  Some of them drew people, or shapes, or a photographer taking pictures of them at their house.


Both classes worked on the letter L.  We did not get to our phonics books on Friday because of picture day so we will do those this week.

Wednesday when I was not here, we had a new sub, Mrs. V.  She had a great time in the classroom and Mrs. M said she did a great job.  She is looking forward to coming back when needed.  Wednesday, Ms. K did a cutting paper with them.  They had to color the bugs, cut them out and glue how many bugs they wanted on their spider web.  Then they had to write the number of how many bugs they glued on their web.

Picture Day...what do I say about it?  LOL!  J.Michael Photography did our pictures again this year.  They are WONDERFUL!  They are great with the kiddos, and their pictures are wonderful.  The kiddos were not so thrilled to have their pictures taken, at all.  I wasn't surprised with the TTH class because they are young and that is usually the case.  I was surprised that the MWF class was so hard.  Most of them would not smile for the picture.  Let me tell you, I was sweating by the time we were done.  I was trying so hard with the photographer to get them to laugh or smile for that one perfect shot.  Everyone did get a perfect shot eventually, but I was worn out :)

I have been meaning to blog about this for a couple of weeks now and kept forgetting to take a picture of them.  One of the dads in the preschool, Mr. E, is very talented in making things.  He has made us lunch box cubbies (off my horrible sketches, but they look great!), toy shelves and now these really cool cup holders.  The kiddos drink water throughout the day and we never had a place to store their cups so he built us these.  They hold up to 16 cups and are perfect for our room!

Finally, I spent some time in Jessi's preschool classroom on Wednesday for her birthday.  It is always nice for teachers to go visit other classrooms so that they can see what other teachers do.  I just simply don't have time to do it without taking days off of school.  Jessi's preschool is different in many ways from ours.  They have a different routine, do circle time differently, have different policies/rules/procedures (this is a whole other conversation as we both have to follow the same state rules and have the same state inspection but we are both instructed to do our things differently!), have different drop off/pick up procedures, etc.  It's just different from here.

I did leave there with a few ideas for our room.  They use a timer at lunch that turns from green to yellow to red.  It lets the kiddos know how long they have left.  When it gets to yellow that means they better finish up.  I really liked that idea, so I bought us a timer on Thursday.  Her preschool also goes over the kiddos birthdays daily for them to line up.  I started doing that with the MWF class at the end of circle time.  They have coloring sheets for the season copied off for the kiddos to color at their leisure.  Our kiddos love to color during playtime and we were just giving them blank paper to use.  I copied off some themed sheets (Halloween, fall, letter of the week) and made a really cool pocket folder chart to hang them in.  I saw the pocket chart at Jessi's preschool but found the directions on Pinterest.

Halloween parties are this week and everyone is getting super excited!  I am going to be putting up a post about the girls' birthday party this week, so just skip reading it if you want :)

Have a great week!

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