Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween is here!

What a busy week in our classroom!  I don't have any pictures to post this week though :(

Ms. K was in charge of teaching the TTH class this week.  She did a great job staying on schedule and planning the activities.  The kiddos have grown up so much since starting school.  Our shy ones are less shy and not (as) teary eyed to come to school.  They have begun making friends, are sharing well with each other for the most part and have learned the routine of the classroom.

Ms. N worked on the family book with the MWF class and finished up the family book in the TTH class.  The kiddos had a fun time telling her stories about their family and drawing pictures to go along with their pictures that were sent in.

The Halloween parties were wonderful.  The TTH class played a toilet paper bowling game and the MWF class played Bingo.  They both did a similar craft where they decorated a Halloween cutout with stickers.  The kiddos were excited for their parties and had a great time.  Thank you party moms!

Short post this week.  Next week, I will remember to take more pictures and try to post earlier.

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