Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall is here

This past week at school was a little more 'normal'.  The MWF class was back in a routine and we started holding rotation as scheduled by working with the children in small groups.  We did not add computer time into the rotation schedule this week but will soon.  The TTH class is still working on staying quiet at circle time and paying attention.  This is a hard skill to get used to, but we will keep working with them.  Play time went about the same in this class, with some issues with sharing, but that is again something that we will keep working with them on :)

We talked about fall this week and what happens during the fall.  The kiddos were quick to tell us that the leaves change color to red, orange, yellow and brown and fall off the trees.  They also knew that it got colder.  We also talked about how some animals like squirrels collect food in the fall so that they can eat all winter long, insects disappear into the ground or their homes to stay warm and flowers turn brown and 'go to sleep'.

Ms. K did an activity with the MWF class where they sorted leaves that she brought in into different groups.  She prompted them with open ended questions about how they could sort them and they came up with the ideas on their own.  They sorted them by color, size, pointed/rounded, stem/no-stem, and crinkly/smooth.  Good job Ms. K on your first activity that you planned for the kiddos.

We learned the letter F this week.  I started off by introducing the letter and explaining to the kiddos that each letter 'talks' and make a special sound.  We practiced the /F/ sound.  The kiddos got to share their pictures of things that start with the letter F that they cut out with mom or dad and brought in, and hang them on our letter board.

I demonstrated how to write the letter at circle time, teaching them how to properly place it on the 'road'.  This was most of the MWF class' first time writing letters on their own on lined paper.  The TTH class traced the letter F.  This can be a hard thing for some of them in either class.  These are all new skills that will improve in all of them and become easier for them over the next couple of weeks.  The TTH class colors a picture of something that starts with F (this week was a farmer) and the MWF class have to come up with at least one picture to draw on their own that starts with the letter F.  I draw some pictures of my own in front of them (and my drawing isn't very good, lol) and encourage them to check out the letter board if they are not sure what starts with F.  We are trying to teach them where to reference if they need help (instead of just telling them something that starts with F) so they are better prepared for that task in kindergarten.

New this year, we are making a Phonics Packet.  Each week (usually on Fridays) we will do our phonics packet where the MWF kiddos have to draw three pictures of things that start with the letter we are covering.  You can download "My Phonics Packet" on TeachersPayTeachers.

We worked on more tracing with the TTH class.  We will continue doing different types of tracing with them because they do need to work on it.  It will only help them with their handwriting and work as the year goes on.

The TTH class is counting to 10 and the MWF class is counting to 20 daily.  They are picking up on our "Thank You" that we say before snack and lunch.

The MWF class learned a new song called "The Fish Song", which they loved!  Both classes also listened to our music book, "Pete the Cat", which is always a huge hit!

Next week we are talking about apples, making applesauce, covering letter Aa, and the color red.  The MWF class will also be taste testing different color apples and graphing which color is their favorite.  Ms. N will be doing her first planned activity with the TTH class and Ms. K will be taking over after lunch activities in the MWF class.

Another good week done, and a great one coming up.

Over 8,100 hits on my blog which is just amazing to me.  I'm glad people are reading it, getting ideas and staying up to date with what is going on.  That was my whole intention.  Have a great weekend!

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