Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer is almost over

Fair week has wrapped up around here.  It was a SUPER busy but very EXCITING week for us.  Jacob did great at the fair, winning Reserve Champion and 4th place with his two pens of Market Rabbits, 10th place out of 85 pens of Market Chickens and 3rd place out of 16 ducks.  He did a great job showing them at the fair!

Jacob with his Reserve Champion trophy
Getting a little help from Dad & Papa to hold his chickens during judging

3rd place Market Duck

Jessi also entered three pictures that she drew and got an Honorable Mention on her picture of a house.  She drew SpongeBob Squarepants, a house and a rainbow.

The days were long at the fair but the kids were wonderful, the weather was beautiful and we had a fun time.  Glad it is over for this year but always look forward to it.

I met Mrs. M at the preschool today and we worked on the classroom and got it mostly ready for the parent meeting tomorrow night.  I had a big list of things I wanted to get done so that it looked nice for the parents.  They all got done but unfortunately the repairs to the wall I had to make don't look so hot.  Luckily, I get to cover those spots up so no one will really notice :)

I bought a new copier for the preschool and it is NICE!  It felt like Christmas morning for me and Mrs. M this morning as we took it out of the box and set it all up.  It does double sided copies (our old one didn't!) and 35 pages a minutes (the old one did 15).  After a few glitches of getting the paper in the right way (you would think it would be really easy but for some reason it wouldn't work right), the copier flew through the copies we had to make for the meeting.  So exciting!

I will update again soon with all the classroom pictures.  I changed some stuff around and left a lot the same.  I have some new furniture being built (thanks in advance Brad!) and it will be done when he gets it done.  I'm in no hurry for it.  They are just bigger bookshelves but they will look so nice in the room.

Tonight is my first fantasy football draft in my all girls league.  So excited!  Gonna sit here with a bowl of my favorite ice cream (TurkeyHill Chocolate Marshmallow) and draft the best football team of the season.  My other draft is Friday night and that one is super important since I'm the only girl in the league and I won last year :)  Planning on doing that again this year!

Have a great Wednesday!

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