Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Less than 1 month until school begins!


I am not ready.  I do not have everything done.  No, scratch that.  I don't have anything done.  I feel like I am really behind.  I am going to start panicking soon!

I have been behind the 8 ball all summer it seems.  Between vacations, kids in sports or meetings, camps, and life in general, I have not been in my classroom to WORK on getting it ready for the fall.  Usually I have the carpets cleaned right in June.  Not this year, they are getting done tomorrow.  With this, I have to have my nephew and son come help move all of the furniture because it is super heavy being all handmade from dads in the preschool and I just can't move it by myself anymore.  Then they have to come back up next week and move it all back for me when the carpets are dry.  They are not complaining, they are getting paid in food so they are happy.

Then the real fun begins.  I don't have many changes that I am making to the room so that helps tremendously.  There are a lot of things I can't, or I should say, won't do until after the first membership meeting with the parents because I want to make sure all their names are spelled correctly and that no one changed their mind about sending their kiddo to preschool, etc.  So that leaves the rest of the stuff...door decoration, general cleaning, organizing, getting the first week or two planned out, etc.

It really won't be that bad, but in the past years, I had it done before August even started.  This year, no such luck.

Our house is also crazy as soccer started this week for Jacob and Jessi.  We don't have an official schedule yet for Jacob so it is going day by day on when he is to be there. 

Plus the fair is in about two weeks, and as Jaime put it, it is as anticipated as Christmas Day, which is totally true when you have so much going on that week at the fair.  Jacob is taking two pens of Market Rabbits (which he won Grand Champion & Reserve Champion last year at the fair), one pen of Market Chickens and one Market Duck.  He has been doing a great job taking care of them all summer.  He will show all of his animals during the fair week, get judged on them and then they will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  The community is wonderful around here.  They are very supportive of 4-H!

Oh, and I can't forget the very important FOOTBALL season is getting ready to start.  Little known fact about me is that I LOVE FOOTBALL and just as importantly, fantasy football.  Okay, so I can't rattle off all of the stats (anymore at least) about players and teams, but I know how to pick players, assemble a good team, read stats and play fantasy football.  I love sitting around on Sundays and yelling at the t.v. for my players to do good.  And, I am decent at it too.  I formed an all girls league a couple of years ago, which is super fun but I love to brag that I took 1st place last year in a league of all guys, one of which is my husband and knows way more about football than me (but he did great in his work league) and another is my brother-in-law, his brothers and friends.  So, basically, I rock :)

Then school will be back in session!  By then, my room will be ready but until then, I am going to panic each time I think about it not being done and how little time I have left.

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