Monday, August 20, 2012

Busy summer left me little time to post

It feels like this summer has flown by.  The first part of the summer all I felt like I did was pack, go on vacation, unpack, wash clothes and repack for the next vacation and then pack Jacob up for Boy Scout camp.

It has been a very good but busy summer.  We went on two smaller trips due to not being able to go at one time with all of these animals around :), Jacob went to camp for a week for the third year and had a great time as usual, Jessi went to soccer camp for a week in the evenings, Jacob and I did our first Relay for Life, I organized a Poker Tournament Fundraiser for my friend Jaime with help from my friend Sarah (which was VERY successful for them!), and my summer review session started with my couple of kiddos from preschool.  Soccer also started for both kiddos, resulting in practice five days a week for Jacob and two days a week for Jessi.  Luckily for me, they are at different times. 

I have also been trying to do some major cleaning of my house which resulted in six bags stuffed full of clothes that were dropped off at a clothing drive for their use.  And there are more to come hopefully!

On top of that, the 4-H animals took up a lot of time for Jacob and we had to be home at certain times to make sure they were watered and fed, especially with this hot summer we had.  The animals are now all happily at the fairgrounds where we spent most of the day on Sunday getting animals checked in and booths decorated.

I have also been busy with planning the upcoming school year.  Most teachers work a lot during the summer on getting things organized for the upcoming year.  I have planned most of my themes for the year, made up calendars, lesson plans, newsletters, and other important papers that parents need to start the year.  I have also been up to the classroom where I moved all of the furniture, well some strong teenagers (Jacob and my nephew, lol) moved the furniture, had the carpets cleaned and sanitized, then had those same strong teenagers move it all back a few days later.  The classroom is getting ready for the year and will be done next week (especially since we have a parent meeting and then school starts, so I really have it ready but I work good under pressure!) as soon as all my supplies get here from the respective website stores I ordered them from.  I have also held a board meeting with my new board, one returning member and two new ones, plus Mrs. M and myself to talk about the preschool and get moving on our first fundraiser of the school year...our annual Spaghetti Dinner.  This takes a lot of work on everyone's part, is a good fundraiser for the school and it is nice to start the year off with a 'social' event.

So, today I send out this quick update, without much proofreading going on, to let you know about my going-ons lately.  Even with all of the business in my life, I love every minute of it.  My kiddos are happy doing their thing, sometimes I feel a little crazy with all the running around, but everything gets done and it gets done well and on time.  So, have a great last week of August, enjoy the beautiful FALL like weather in NE Ohio (football weather!) and I will update more often when school is back in session, if not before then with pictures of the classroom :)

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