Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day was a rain out :(

Father's Day was supposed to be spent at the park, enjoying the outdoors, maybe doing a little fishing.  Instead, it was pouring down rain.

The morning started off by the kiddos giving Dan their gifts.  We made him a couple of things I saw on Pinterest...a photo frame with all three kids in it, each holding a letter D-A-D; Reese's Pieces (which are his favorite) with a tag attached saying 'We love you to PIECES!'; and from me, his favorite kind of nuts- Wasabi and Soy or something like that- with a note that said 'I'm NUTS about you!'.

He requested an apple pie, jokingly of course, for dessert and when I gave him that look, he laughed and said um, how about apple crisp?  I can do that.  I can actually make a pie too but it is so much more work.  I was all set to get subs and go to the park, until the rain came in hours earlier than anticipated.

We ordered pizza instead.  His choice.  Hawaiian BBQ Chicken from Papa John's...MMM!  And, another one of half pepperoni and half 'the works'.  We stayed home all day and did nothing, literally, nothing.  Dan took a nap, the kids played and watched tv, and I sat on the computer or did laundry.  Fun stuff, huh?  We lead very exciting lives, lol.

The apple crisp was AMAZING though!  Dan complimented me on it about 10 times.  I'm glad he liked it.  It definitely was better than the pie he wanted ;)

Nothing much more exciting going on right now.  We have had a couple of litters of baby rabbits born for Jacob's 4-H projects.  No one is allowed back there to see them though except Dan and Jacob since the mothers might take others as a threat and kill the babies to protect them.  We don't want that to happen or Jacob won't have any to take to fair.  His chickens and rabbits get picked up next week so that will be a new adventure for us.

I am planning WAY ahead though and decided with the girls on a theme for their birthday party (which isn't until October/November, but you can never start too early).  It's a farm theme.  Fitting I think.  I have come up with all kinds of cute food ideas, cute invites and gift bags.  I'm starting on those now, while I have time over the summer.  Once school starts, I get too busy with the beginning of the year stuff for everyone and the big Spaghetti Dinner for the Preschool.  It will make me less crazy if I do that kind of stuff now :)

Have a good rest of the week!

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