Sunday, June 24, 2012

An ER trip doesn't ruin our vacation!

Last week we took a little vacation to Erie, Pennsylvania.  We rented a cabin at the Erie KOA Kampground in McKean.  The cabin was a large one room area with a double bed and a set of bunk beds.  It had a small table, mini fridge, microwave and nice bathroom.  The cabin overlooked their catch and release fishing pond, which was beautiful to wake up to each morning.


It was nice because it was primitive in the fact that we were still pretty woodsy and still had to cook food over a fire (I did cheat and take my griddle also), but not too primitive because we had our own bathroom, which was a must for me having to deal with two little girls in a potty.

We were about 15 minutes south of Presque Isle.  If you have never been there, it is worth a trip, even for the day.  It is like being at the ocean but without salt water.  There are 12 beaches on Presque Isle that you can go to and they are each different.  The first day we went up was Wednesday evening.  Since it was getting later in the evening, we hit the first beach that was open, which was beach #6.  It was packed.  The waves were about 1-2 feet high and there was a lot of seaweed, which I guess is to be expected due to the warm winter we had around here.  The kids didn't seem to mind and they enjoyed the sand and water.  I, on the other hand, did not like all of the seaweed.  It kept brushing on my legs and I told Dan that a river monster was going to come and get me, lol.  (I should stop watching "River Monsters" but I am addicted to that show.  I am bound and determined to go out fishing sometime and catch myself a fish like that, lol)

On Thursday, we went to Presque Isle early and visited Perry Monument.  Then we went to beach #11.  This was my favorite beach.  It was very shallow and calm, no waves at all.  My little Jenni could touch almost all the way out to the buoy with me or Dan right next to her AND I could see the bottom the whole time.  The water was crystal clear, which is what I like.  I want to see that river monster coming at me so I can get out of the way, lol.

We also went to beach #8, which was everyone's favorite for the most part.  The waves were HUGE!  They were about 3-4 feet high, coming up to Dan's shoulders sometimes.  Jacob had a blast with his boogie board on the waves and Jenni was content holding my hand and jumping in them.  The girls don't have much fear of the water so it was a little nerve racking.  Once a wave knocked Jenni over, she was pretty much done with the water and was perfectly content sitting in the sand digging and playing with all of her sand toys.

Back at the campground Thursday evening, we spent more time fishing.  Dan caught the nicest, and biggest fish.  Jacob caught about 12 fish during the evening.  I caught a couple of fish with the help of the girls reeling them in :)


Thursday night also had a trip to the local ER in the mix.  Jenni was walking in the cabin, tripped and fell.  She hit her head on the corner of the double bed and split her forehead open.  There was a lot of blood, which head wounds bleed a lot, I know.  The hardest thing was that I couldn't tell how bad it really was, and I knew it needed a good cleaning and I didn't have anything to do it with.

During all of this, Jacob and Jessi, were not much help.  These two, Jessi mainly, are not good in emergency situations.  Jacob would be better if it wasn't his little sister.  Jessi was pacing back and forth, yelling "I'm allergic to blood", and "I love you Jenni but I can't look at you".  I am trying to reassure Jenni that she is okay and calm Jessi down at the same time.  I need Jessi's help to get wipes for her head and Jessi can't stop yelling that she is allergic to blood.  (This is Jessi's normal to seeing blood.  It is full out hysterics if it is her own.  I don't think she will go into the medical field :))

Then Jacob comes in and sees all the blood and I tell him to go get Dad.  Jacob runs around the pond to get him and tells Dan that Jenni fell off the top bunk, knocked out her teeth and broke her nose.  Nice, huh?  Dan runs back to the cabin and quickly realizes that it isn't that bad, uttering 'Thank God' under his breath, when I told him it was just a cut to the forehead.  We load up to go to the ER and then Jacob starts hyperventilating and dry heaving.  He is crying, mad because we can't go swimming and are going to have to go home, and worried about Jenni saying she might have a concussion.  Again, Dan and I are reassuring them that Jenni is fine, she just needs a couple stitches and it cleaned up.  We will be back to the cabin in no time and continue our vacation.  Everything is going to be fine, just CALM DOWN!  Jenni on the other hand is cool as a cucumber, sitting on my lap holding the bloody wipes on her forehead, occasionally saying, "I do it.  See my blood.  I freaking out."  That's my little brave girl!

Hamot ER was wonderful!  We were in and out of there in about an hour.  No stitches, just glue.  The doctor had to cut her hair a little around the cut, he cleaned it super good and then glued it up.  She was content after he stopped talking and looking at her and brought all three of them Popsicles.  Only downfall was no swimming until Saturday.

So we changed our plans.  I decided that I would take the girls to the zoo and Dan and Jacob would go to the beach still.  Until Dan can't find their swimming trunks on Friday morning.  He realized that he left his and Jacob's back at beach #8 in the beach house.  We decide to try and take a pontoon boat ride (the boat was broke down so that didn't happen either) and check the beach house for the swimming trunks.  We get lucky and find Jacob's, but not Dan's.  So no swimming for anyone :(  We took a walk to the lighthouse and then visited the Tom Ridge Environmental Center before heading home instead.

Overall, it was a fun trip.  Beautiful scenery, memorable family time and moments, fishing, swimming, good times.  That is what it is all about!

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