Friday, June 8, 2012

Birds building a nest on our porch

Memorial Weekend, these two little birds decided to build a nest on our back porch.  Our porch is large and faces the west, so in the evening we get direct sun.  It is wonderful, but not pleasant to sit out there for hours, so we bought some roller shades and hung them.  This is where they decided to build their nest.

I am not against the birds building a nest on my porch.  I was worried they would get a little territorial when their babies hatched though and that would not be good with three kids and a dog running in and out the back porch door all day.  So, I tried shoo-ing them away.  Evey time I saw them, I scared them off but it wasn't working.  They were starting a little mud base for the nest.  So, I rolled the shade down, hoping that would deter them.  It didn't.

The birds, which are barn swallows, moved to the next shade.  So I rolled that one down.  So they moved to the third, and final, shade.  So, I rolled that one down too.  I thought that they would leave for sure now.  But, they didn't.  The started to build a nest on my back porch light!  Continue trying to shoo away birds that are adamant about building on this particular porch...

Then the rain came in.  The wind started blowing so I had to run out and roll up all of the shades.

Back to square one, the birds went right back to the first shade and continued building their nest, even in the rain.

I opened the back door to snap a picture of the nest they were so intense on building.  Those two little birds worked for a week bringing little pieces of mud and grass in their beaks, one landing on the porch light waiting while the other added their mud to the nest.

So, now the nest is bigger and I think finished.  I'm pretty sure they have laid their eggs.  One bird sits in the nest and the other on the porch light.

The birds won.  They built their nest.  They haven't been bothered by our ins and outs all day long.  They just fly off.  It is wonderful to hear them talk back and forth to each other.  The kids (and the cats) have enjoyed watching the nest being built and I know they will love to see the babies when they hatch and start poking their heads out the top of the nest.  It's a good lesson for the kids too.

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