Friday, May 25, 2012


This week was an emotional one.  We shared our last couple of days with the kiddos on Monday-Thursday.  We spent the week working on papers, playing and making sure we sent everything home.  Oh wait, I just realized I didn't.  Literally as I'm sitting here, I realized that I didn't send home all the spare clothes.  Fiddlesticks!!!  What else did I forget?!?!  Hopefully nothing.

Okay, well anyway...the kids were pretty wound up and super excited that this was the last week of school.  We are too, of course, but for us teachers, it's a bittersweet time usually.  We have had a chance to be apart of these kiddos lives for the last nine months, share in the accomplishments, teach them so many new things, watch them grow and bloom.  We have seen so much progress in the children not only academically but also emotionally and socially.  So, it is sad to not be able to see them daily and some of them will be moving to kindergarten and we won't see them again except maybe in the grocery store or at the county fair or even at a little league game.  But of course we are excited for them also.  They are growing up and moving on.  Some are going to kindergarten which is a HUGE deal!  They have so many great things ahead of them.

Thursday night we had our school picnic.  The food was so good!  Everyone brought a dish to share and we celebrated our last day together with food, fun and friends.  The weather was PERFECT!!!!!  It was about 80 and sunny.

After the picnic, we held Promotion & Graduation.  I had to hold back tears most of the night.  I kept it together until right at the end.  The kiddos sang three songs together for their parents...songs we have sang off and on all year.  Then the MWF class kiddos each took a turn walking across the stage, and said into the microphone what they wanted to be when they grew up.  We have spray painters, a store manager, nurses, veterinarians, football players, a scientist, a train conductor and a police officer in the makes :)

The TTH class was then promoted from their class.  The kiddos names were called one at a time and they got to come up on stage, get their certificate and present from the teachers and then sit back down.  They are so little still and we so cute coming up on that big stage!

Then we got to the MWF class.  Now, my daughter is in this class.  While she is not going to kindergarten next year, she is leaving me.  I am sending her to a different preschool in our home school district so that she can learn to be away from me.  So for me, this was tough.  I have also spent three days a week with these kiddos for 4.5 hours each day.  They have made me laugh so hard, given me gray hairs and just filled my days with so much joy.  As I started announcing each name, I could fill that I was going to start crying but I fought it.  I was determined not to cry now at least.  The MWF class sat up on the stage in ADORABLE little graduation gowns with graduation caps and tassels on.  They looked so, so cute (flash forward 13 years to high school graduation!).  Each of them got to come up to our X that was taped on the floor and stand to receive their diploma and present from the teachers.  Everyone clapped and took a ton of pictures.  We graduated the FUTURE CLASS OF 2025!

Each year, I make a slide show of pictures and put it to SAPPY music.  Let me first tell you how hard it was to make this slide show this year.  We took over 1,500 pictures of the kiddos this year!!!!!  I narrowed it down to 250ish :)  The music started, the slide show started, and I started crying.  I knew I wouldn't make it through the night without crying but I wasn't the only one.  There were lots of us moms crying.  Not sure about the dads :)

When the evening was over, I was sad but glad also.  I had a lot of help from Ms. T, Ms. P and Ms. N, who all came back just for graduation to help out.  By the way, THANK YOU for that.  Mrs. Ma and my momma also worked their bunny tails off cleaning up after graduation when everyone else was gone.

So, the room is pretty much cleaned up for the summer.  Just have a few things to do up there to finish cleaning it but it can wait for a couple of week.  Then, I will start planning and making the changes that I have already began writing down and thinking about for the upcoming school year.

But for now, I am going to enjoy a few days off of school and enjoy this HEAT we are having in Ohio over Memorial Weekend while relaxing with my kiddos in our pool.

Thank you to everyone in the Preschool for a great school year!

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