Friday, May 18, 2012

Donuts with Dad!

This week we spent talking about our Dads to get ready for Donuts with Dad on Friday.

The kiddos made their dads cards with their handprints that said "Dad, Hands Down...You're the best!"

We also made a hammer bookmark for them where each kiddos picked what color hammer they wanted and then decorated it with tool stickers and shapes and words.

The kiddos also filled out an "All About My Dad" paper just like they did for the moms.  These answers were cute also.  Most of them wrote that their dad works hard at work.

 Finally, the kiddos made 'donuts' for their dads where they wrote things that show how their dads love them.  The middle of the donut said "DAD sprinkles me with...".  These were super easy to make but not as easy to fill out.  The kiddos didn't quite understand what we meant and they took it literally when we asked them what dad sprinkles you with.  We had to do a lot of question asking to get answers, lol.  We hung them on a wall with a sign that says "DOZENS of things we love about our DADS!"


 Friday we had our Donuts with Dad.  The kiddos participated in some activities with their dads (similar to our activities on Grandparent's Day) and picked out three songs that they wanted their dads to participate in also.  We had a great time celebrating our dads and Father's Day a little early!

On a personal note, my friend Jaime and her husband Ryan returned from the Cancer Center.  If you would like to learn more or read more about them, you can view her blog at  Please continue to pray for them!


  1. What were the activities for the donuts with dad event?

    1. The activities were: an upper/lower case letter recognition game (on ice cream cones and scoops of ice cream which they matched together), a phonics game where they matched what each picture started with on the correct letter, a math game where there were 'flowers' numbers 1-20 and they had to pin the correct number of clothespins on, and a writing activity to show their dads how they wrote their first or last names. You can also see some pictures under the "Grandparents Day" blog from April. Thank you!

  2. I love your doughnut craft! I've included it in my Father's Day Paper Craft round-up. Thanks for sharing your idea!