Monday, April 16, 2012

Planting seeds

We returned from Spring Break and continued our talk about seeds and plants by having the kiddos plant their own grass seed.  I used clear cups so that they will be able to see the roots as they grow.  I also used spot fixer grass seed because it grows faster.  Each kiddo got their own cup and got to scoop in the dirt, plant the seeds and then water it with a squirt bottle.  Helpful hint:  The squirt bottle works great because the kiddos don't over water or ruin the soil when pouring water in.  We tell them to squirt it x amount of times and then pass it to their next friend.

Ms. T started her full student teaching this week also.  She has been gaining responsibilities each week and doing a great job at it.  On top of reviewing about plants, Ms. T also had to talk to the kiddos about Grandparent's Day, which we are celebrating at the end of this week.  More about all of this in my next post later in the week.

Ms. P found a game on Pinterest that she used in the classroom...the muffin tin counting.  She wrote numbers in the bottom of cupcake liners, placed them in the the tin and had the kiddos count out the number of objects into the tin.  They thought it was a pretty neat game.

My next post will be all about Grandparent's activities that Ms. T has been doing and our Grandparent's Day activities.  I'm so excited for all of the kiddos to bring their grandparents to class on Thursday and Friday this week!

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