Friday, April 27, 2012

Caterpillars and GOODBYE's :(

So, this is the last week that we had our wonderful student teachers, Ms. P and Ms. T.  The week has been a happy one, but a little feeling of sadness too because we have to say goodbye to them.

Ms. T is finishing up her last week of planning and full teaching.  She has done a great job also.  This week we talked about caterpillars and how they turn into butterflies.

Ms. T read the kiddos a couple of books at circle time about caterpillars and butterflies.  She taught them about the life cycle of egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly. 

On Monday, the kiddos marble painted different colors on paper so that we could make our new door.  With some brainstorming and an AH HA moment, Ms. T and I came up with making the life cycle of a butterfly on the door out of their marble painted creations.  Here is how it turned out:

On Tuesday, the TTH class worked on their cutting by working on the life cycle.  They had to color the pictures, cut them out and glue them in the correct order.

The MWF class made a life cycle on a plate on Wednesday.  They had to color each section and glue everything on.  We used mini pom poms for the egg, bingo dabbers for the caterpillar, tissue paper for the chrysalis and a pre-made butterfly that they colored.

The assistant Mrs. M worked on the gifts for the student teachers this week also.  I bought flower pots at the store and she wrote each kiddos name on it and put their thumb print on it in paint.  She also wrote along the top:  Thanks for helping me grow. Rootstown Co-Op Preschool.  After the paint dried, she turned their thumb prints into little monsters.

Finally, I went and bought them each a gift from the whole school.  I saw an idea similar to this on Pinterest.  I got them a magazine, a beach towel, a hard plastic cup with a straw and filled that with individual lemonade packets.  Wrap them in a ribbon and there you go...a cute, simple and nice gift.

The kiddos also each contributed a page that they made to a book for each of the student teachers.  They each told us what their favorite thing about the student teacher was, we wrote it down and they illustrated it.  They were super cute!

Today, we celebrated by giving Ms. P and Ms. T their gifts and book.  We took lots of class pictures.  We had a pizza party and did a lot of dancing afterwards.  No one cried, but we kind of felt like it. 

Ms. P and Ms. T are going to be missed a lot in our classroom but they are going to go on to their own classrooms soon and make EXCELLENT teachers!


  1. Hello! I am a norwegian teacher in a kindergarden, I like this activity with the butterfly! Is it possible for you to send me a link to this worksheet that is used? If it is on a web side.......My mailadress is Mariann

    1. It was a worksheet I already had. It says on the bottom of it so maybe you would be able to find it online. Wish I was more help. Thank you for visiting my blog!