Monday, March 26, 2012

What a beautiful week!

The weather last week was BEAUTIFUL!  It was about 70+ every day and the kids LOVED it.  We had picnic lunch outside under the church pavilion on Wednesday and Friday.  On Wednesday, one of my kiddos told me I was the best teacher EVER for letting them have a picnic.  Ahhh :)

We spent the last few minutes of each class outside either playing games or playing with sidewalk chalk.  I just couldn't keep them cooped up in the room when I knew the weather would probably turn cold again before it stayed warm (and of course that is what happened over the weekend, it returned to normal highs of 45-50).

I posted a color chart that I saw on Pinterest and copied to fit the classroom.  It is called "My Perfect Picture".  It has three categories of coloring- staying in the lines, colors make sense and no white space.  Then there are three examples of each using a red sad face, a yellow ok face and a green happy face to demonstrate which one is the 'best'.

Now, I am not using this to get rid of their creativity or anything.  I think that all of the kiddos should know when is the proper time to color a tree the correct colors and when it is not.  A lot of my kiddos have been rushing through their work and using the same color on everything (blue hair, blue pig, blue trees, blue, blue, blue).  I am using this chart as a way to demonstrate what good coloring is.  You need to learn to stay in the lines, you need to learn to color the whole picture and not just a little portion of it and you need to learn when it is okay to color the tree pink/orange versus green/brown.

The chart has actually gone over really well in the MWF class.  The kiddos have asked me if they did smiley face coloring today.  I respond with what is appropriate for that individual child.  I know that some of them struggle with fine motor more than others, and I'm not going to squash their joy over their best coloring that they have done yet when it isn't 'perfect' like others are doing.

In other news, we updated our door to be more Spring like.  I painted the kiddos hands in each class to make grass, flowers and butterflies.  I even had the teachers help by us all painting our hands to make the sun.

Finally, we ended our week on Saturday actually as the Preschool held Registration for next school year. I can't believe how fast this year has seemed to go.  Registration went great.  The MWF class is full and the TTH class has seven enrolled.

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