Friday, March 9, 2012

Here comes St. Patrick's Day!

We are getting ready for St. Patrick's Day!

Ms. P has been in charge of planning and teaching this whole week, along with Ms. T coming up with an activity to do daily.  Boy, do these girls know what they are doing!  I can't give them high enough praises that they 'just got it'.  They have both planned some great activities for this week (and next week as we continue our St. Patrick's Day theme), and they pulled them off with little to no issues :)

Ms. P sent home a family activity prior to this week.  The kiddos worked with their families to say what they were lucky to have.  We had such cute shamrocks come in- some with pictures, some with hand drawn words, others with decorations!  Each kiddo was able to share their shamrock during circle time.

Ms. T started off on Monday by planning an activity for the MWF class to practice AAB patterns.  Did you know if you cut open a green pepper, it sort of resembles a shamrock?

Well, she cut the green peppers in half and hollowed them out.  Then the kiddos dipped them in paint and made AAB patterns.  They are understanding the patterning concept well and they liked making them with the green peppers, err, shamrocks.

The TTH class used the green peppers also, but they made pictures with them.  They all thought that is was pretty neat!

Ms. P had the kiddos in both classes work on their "In February" pages for their portfolios.  At the end of each month, I have the kiddos tell us what their favorite thing that we did that month was.  Then they illustrate it.  It is an easy and cute way to see their progress of drawing throughout the year and for them to remember what they liked about preschool.

Wednesday, Ms. P brought out the water table and filled it up.  OH BOY!  The kids LOVED this!!!!!  They had so much fun playing in the water two at a time.  Ms. P and Ms. T did have to put some tape on the floor as a "Do not cross" line because everyone was so excited and it worked really well.  Some of them even sat there and waited for their turn.  Both classes got to enjoy this on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Next week, she is changing it to pea gravel.

Ms. P read a story with them called "Leprechaun on the Loose", where a leprechaun visits school and makes trouble.  To stick with the theme, Ms. T made a book with each class about a leprechaun that came to visit our school.  The kiddos each thought of one page to the story.  Some of the mischief was nice (like leaving me gold on my desk so I could be rich) and some was naughty (dumping out toys or ripping the art work off the wall).  NOTE:  I can't figure out yet how to turn the pictures so I will work on that, lol.

The MWF class learned about number 16 this week also.  They had to practice writing the number and draw 16 fish in the fish bowl

Friday, Ms. P had the MWF kiddos make rainbows over a pot of gold.  She took a paper plate and folded it in half.  On the top half, they glued fruit loops in the shape of a rainbow, put a small pot with gold under the rainbow and glued some of the Easter grass on the bottom.  They turned out so cute!

I have been preparing the kiddos that the leprechaun might come next week.  I sure hope he doesn't cause too much trouble ;)

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