Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun!

Valentine's Day is almost here!

This is such a fun time for the kiddos.  We made Valentine's bags on Monday and Tuesday to get ready for our parties at the end of the week.  They had so much fun decorating their bag with sticky hearts, glitter hearts and stickers.  The bags look great!

For a craft, the MWF class made heart people by cutting our a large heart and then accordion folding four strips of paper to use for arms and legs.  They added googly eyes, nose and mouth and they were set.  Some decided to add a little more facial features like a mustache or eyebrows too.

The kiddos in the TTH class made tissue paper hearts.  We used contact paper cut into heart shapes and had them decorate them with different colors of tissue paper.  Put more contact paper on the back side of it to make it stiffer, punch a hole in the top, add some yarn and you have a hanging tissue paper heart.  If my windows didn't have screens in them, I would have used them as sun catchers.

We also used Valentine's colored M&M's to graph in the MWF class.  Shown above is the new updated page I made.  Download "Let's Graph M&M's!" for free.  I had already copied the older page and so I just used that instead of this better looking new one.

Each child got a baggie of 20 M&M's.  I usually buy the small individual bags (that you give out at parties or for trick or treat) to save time but the regular bags were on sale so I got those instead and had to sort them into baggies.  They sorted each color and then I asked them questions like "Which color do you have the most/least of?" and "How many light pink do you have?".

After they sorted them, I had them choose a color crayon and color each square that held a M&M in that row.  Finally, they counted the squares and wrote the number for each color in the last square they colored. (No picture for the final step, oops!)

The TTH class sorted the M&M's by color.  They also got a baggie of 20 M&M's.  When they were done sorting, they counted each color and wrote that number next to the color word.  Click on "Let's Sort M&M's!" to download it for free.

So, after seeing some many cute ideas on Pinterest about covering filing cabinets, I decided to do mine.  I covered it with bulletin board paper and border, and put magnetic foam letters on the back side for the kiddos to use if they want to.  The side is where I keep all of my important papers.

I didn't know what to do with the front of my desk.  I am not blessed with a flat front and it looked so yucky.  I ended up using a large box and cutting it down to fit around the front and side of my desk, covered it in white bulletin board paper and a border.  I printed off pictures of the kiddos from throughout the year in black and white (we don't have a color printer) in the wallet size and glued them to the front.  The kids are loving it so far and I will add more pictures to the blank spot on the bottom as the year is finishing up.

As a side note, my wonderful hubby got my new kitchen sink it.  I absolutely LOVE it!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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