Saturday, February 4, 2012

Displaying Children's Work

Alright, so my hubby is putting in my new kitchen sink today and I am trying to stay out of his way.  I like to watch/oversee even though he REALLY DOESN'T need or want my help, lol.  So, instead I am going to try hard to stay out of his way.

With that in mind, I thought I would post some more about my classroom.  We had a great week in the classroom!  The weather was beautiful here, very unseasonable for January/February, so we took advantage of it and held our monthly fire drills.  Now, we won't have to go out in the cold.

The kiddos were a little wound up on Friday during playtime so we cleaned up all the toys they had dumped everyone and played in small groups.  Boy, that made a huge difference!  Since they did so good, I was spontaneous and gave them a choice of eating lunch at the tables or having a picnic lunch on the classroom floor.  Of course they chose the picnic lunch, complete with table clothes to sit on.  They loved it!

I mentioned before that I have very little usable wall space since the classroom has high vaulted ceilings.  I do have some thumb tack strips on the walls which I use to show off the kiddos work, but it wasn't enough.

I have a vent high up on the ceiling and I tied some binder twine to it (strong, durable and cheap) and then strung it across the room, threaded it behind the really high bulletin board (my birthday board) and then back to the original wall but on the opposite end and tied it to one of those hooks that you use to hang pots from your ceiling.  So now, I have this great V-shaped clothesline of sorts that I can display even more work on.

I added a name tag with each child's name on it along the clothesline or thumb tack strips with each child's name on it so that I can showcase at least one item for each child.


This is a great way to work on name recognition and separate kiddos however you need to.  I put four Velcro dots on the table in front of each chair.  I put their name on a cut out and then switch them daily.  I can put the children in groups based on different abilities or if I need to keep some separated from others :)

The MWF class is my Pre-Kindergarten class and right now they are working on learning to spell and write their last names in proper formation on the lines.  So right now, my cut outs are like the ones you see in older grades with their names on them.

A final construction paper is sorted by color and so is my copier paper.  I just used stackable shelves from Staples and they work great!


  1. Hi Heather! I love how you stored your construction paper. Is this the standard size or the long length?

    1. Thanks! It is regular size construction paper.