Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Break? Part One...

So, once again, I find that it is months later and I have not blogged.  I should just admit defeat and realize that I am not a good blogger.  I can't do it consistently enough.  I feel like I just say the same things over and over each week when I do write.  And I can never remember to download the pictures I took of the activities before I leave for the weekend.

BUT, I am still going to try.  I got a smart phone at the end of the school year so maybe that will help me take the pictures and upload them to the blog.  MAYBE.  I still have high hopes of using the blog to share what is going on in the classroom, and/or my life.

So, here is what has been going on...

We ended the school year with our graduation ceremony.  No matter how much I tell myself that I am not going to cry at graduation, I usually do.  This year, I knew it was going to be harder because I did not know if I would be returning to the Preschool.  I have been very open and honest with my Board members and parents of the Preschool.  I have been looking for and applying for a full time position.  I LOVE the Preschool.  I have spent 10 years there, but I knew that I wouldn't be there forever as the teacher.  I knew I would move on at some point, but remain involved as the Director. 

For those of you that know me well, the uncertainty makes me very anxious.  I always have a plan, and am always planning WAY in the future (I have been planning my two daughter's birthday party which is in October, since like February).  I didn't know if I was going to find a full time position or would be coming back to the Preschool.  So, I planned for everything.  I had a plan in February that I presented to the Board members in case I wasn't here next year.  I left the graduation ceremony and closed my classroom door for possibly the last time.  I planned for Preschool as if I would be there.  I submitted applications to everywhere I was willing to work at and I was qualified for.  I had a couple of interviews.  I cleaned and began organizing the Preschool to get ready for the next year school year.  We held our Board meeting to prepare for next year.

At home, I have cleaned like a mad woman.  I cleaned EVERY. SINGLE. CUPBOARD in my kitchen.  I took everything out, wiped them all out, moved dishes around, organized my canned goods, cleaned my pantry.  My poor husband and son took trash bag after trash bag as I threw stuff out that was no longer needed (I should have taken it to Goodwill or given it away, but I just wanted it gone at that point).  I have cleaned the kids bedrooms and my bedroom.  Took BAGS of clothes to consignment and the Women's Shelter.  And I have cleaned my basement.  This kind of cleaning happens in the summer usually because I'm too busy during the school year, but this was over-the-top cleaning.

I have also had two kids have surgery (one had oral surgery and one had eye surgery) and the third have strep throat, all within two weeks.

Oh, and did I mention that my husband got a new job also?!  This was another change for us.  While we were very happy with his old job and appreciate what a wonderful company they were to us and to work for, he worked 2nd shift and worked almost an hour away.  His new job he really likes though, and they seem to also be a fabulous company to work for, but he is working 1st shift and is 15 minutes from home.

So that is all for now.  I have bored you all long enough.  A Part Two will come soon.  Promise on that.  Probably late next week.

For now, enjoy your summer!  School starts in about a month!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Finally, an update...

SOoooo, when the year began, I wanted to be a better blogger.  I had high hopes of updating every couple of weeks or so.  But it is now February 28, eight, yes EIGHT! weeks later, and I am just now updating.

Honestly, part of the reason for non-posting is all the SNOW DAYS!  Which, by the way, I love, but I like them spaced out :) And we have had so many of them for the cold and the weather.  AND we are anticipating another day on Monday due to the impending storm...duhn duhn duhn...

So, since the beginning of the year, we have talked about winter with the kids.  They didn't need much guidance from us.  They got a first hand account of it themselves this year.

We also talked about Valentine's Day and had two fabulous parties.  The final two parties of the year.  A little sad when you think about it.  I honestly can't believe that it is MARCH 1st tomorrow!  This year has flown by!

We took a field trip to Pizza Hut this past week, which was a lot of fun.  All of the kids seemed to really like making their pizzas.  We talked about pizza at school- graphed their favorite kind, counted toppings on pizza, made AAB patterns with pizza items and made a shape pizza.

Since January, we have also welcomed three Kent State students into our classroom.  Mr. M, Mr. S and Ms. H will be observing the students nine hours each week for their classes.  They are 'reading' a musical book with them this week and next, and documenting their reactions to the readings of the book.  We have also had the great pleasure of having Ms. D back with us as a student teacher.  SHE IS WONDERFUL with the kids.  She is going to make a heck of a teacher in the future!  We are blessed to have her with us!!!!!

We are going to be talking about the fun of St. Patrick's Day over the next couple of weeks- the leprechaun!  We will be doing different activities and crafts and then the leprechaun will visit our classroom when they are not at school and leave them a BIG surprise.  It is always a fun time!

We are also going to be gearing up for Hat Day in the TTH class and Crazy Clothes and Hair Day in the MWF class.  Those days are always great!

Apparently, Dr. Seuss day is coming up.  I only know this because I am seeing a ton of stuff posted on FB and Pinterest.  Pinterest is still my addiction, but it is clogging up my feed.  I don't particularly care for Dr. Seuss.  He wrote some good books, but I don't like most of them.  Sorry, I know I'm in the minority big time, but it's my opinion.

Have I said how much I LOVE Pinterest?  No?  Well, let me tell you that I do!  This site is still amazing to me- how all of these teachers can share resources and ideas with each other and I can get all of these new activities, worksheets, game ideas, center ideas, ideas, organizing help, etc for my classroom.  It is just PHENOMENAL!  And all of the stuff for my home is great too- recipes, decorating ideas, crafting ideas, scrapbooking ideas, church ideas. 

Well, enjoy this weekend- try to stay warm and be safe if you are traveling, especially on Sunday- Monday when the weather is supposed to be the worst.  See you (MAYBE) on Monday!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's a new year with new goals!

It's a new year- 2014!  With that comes new resolutions, well goals really. 

I don't like the word resolution.  I have made resolutions and never followed through with them.  You know the ones like:  lose XX amount of pounds, keep my house spotless, etc.  It's not that I can't do those things, it's just that they are unrealistic.

So, this year I am determined to set goals for myself, AND meet them.  All of them.  My hubby and I are setting some for our family.  We are going to push each other to be the best of ourselves, even more than we ever have.

So what goals have you made- personal and/or professional?

I did not update this blog like I had planned in 2013.  Well, it really began in May when I went back to college.  I just didn't have to time to take full time grad classes, be a mom and wife, and do all of my daily stuff along with teaching to update the blog.  But, in 2014, I am going to work on changing that.  I hope to update every other week.  Sounds reasonable, right?

Another goal I have is to be a better teacher.  There is always room for improvement :)

Hope you all celebrated New Year's with ones that you love...I did.

Happy 2014 everyone!